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First time doggers

Dogging for the first time can be a little bit scary and I remember the first time me and my husband went dogging we were very nervous to be honest we nearly turned back and went home but so glad we decided to stick it out because the night was so fun. We have learnt over the years how to enjoy dogging and from what we have learnt we want to share with you so we are making this page an information page for first time doggers. Here you will find useful information and tips to stay safe whilst out and about dogging. If your ok with what you read and want to take things further and meet real dogging contacts then by all means join for free today.

Safe sex and general dogging tips:
>> Always use protection – Buy the biggest box of condoms that you can and share them around with guys who have left theirs at home
>> Just because some one looks clean doesn’t mean they may not be infected with an STD
>> For all you women, take things slow and know your limits! Don’t be shy if you think a guy has gone to far don’t be worried about telling him to back off

Safety for all doggers:
>> Always use caution and your common sense when meeting other doggers on the internet.
>> Arrange meeting in local places and places you are familiar with for your first dogging meets.
>> Protect yours and your partners identity by adopting an online name
>> Avoid getting ambushed or mobbed don’t announce the exact time and place on any other online forum or bulletin board
>> When leaving the meet drive around a few times to make sure no one has followed you.

Tips for newbies
>> Check out message boards and forums see what’s going on in the dogging world.
>> Ask questions, Us experienced doggers are willing to help you every step of the way!
>> It may take a few meets to find exactly what you are looking for so if the first one doesn’t go to plan don’t give up just try again.

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