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Doggers wanking

Do you want to know what I am looking for? Then I will tell you.. I’m looking to meet about 6 maybe more guys to wank over me as I rub my soaking wet vagina and cum. I’m a filthy exhibitionist who gets off by doggers wanking all over me and if its not happening for real then you can bet your last pound I’m on my bed legs spread masturbating as I think about it. I started dogging and masturbating in public when my relationship broke down you see my ex wasn’t enough for me pretty boring really and wouldn’t help me fulfil my dogging fantasies I kicked him to the curb signed up to and started fulfilling my fantasies. It didn’t take long for men to show an interest in me and I was soon at my first dogging meet allowing men to wank and spunk all over me as I tended to my pussy. Now I can not get enough of it and seeking another group of men to meet me this weekend for dirty outdoor fun so how about it are you up to the challenge?

You can look me up here at “Pammybabe232″ check out my profile and dirty pics and if you want to come and wank all over me then send me a message and Ill let you know what time and place you should meet me. There are loads of men and women here at so come on get your skates on if you want to have you wicked way with me this weekend. Remember doggers wanking turns me on and the more spunk you save up the more better it is for me. Hope to see you doggers wanking over me soon :)

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